Music Lessons

The Abinante Family Singers

Learn Music Lessons Locally or Online

In addition to our live performances, the Abinante family also provides music lessons locally. Simply use our contact form to request more information about our on-location music lessons. If you are not in our neck of the woods, there are some excellent training resources available online, and we recommend some of them right here at our website.  In fact, if you like to learn from streaming audio and video training, then there is no limit to your potential in the area of musicianship and voice lessons.

Local Music Lessons

The Abinante family provides music lessons locally to people in the Los Angeles area.  We offer music lessons in a variety of instruments as well as voice lessons.

If you are interested in obtaining music lessons, please use our contact form.


Web-Based Music Lessons

If you are interested in music lessons and you feel that you could learn valuable skills through web-based training programs, then you may find the following resources to be helpful.

Please note that we will receive a small commission if you utilize these services, and this helps us to defray the real costs associated with providing free live performances like our outfits, equipment and promotional materials.

So while you are learning and advancing in your personal musical abilities, you are also helping us in a small way to continue sharing our love for music as well.  For this we thank you.